About International Scientific Exchange Foundation Of China (ISEFC)


The International Science Exchange Foundation of China (referred to as "ISEFC") was initiated by renowned scientists at home and abroad such as Lu Jiaxi, Ding Shisun, Zhu Guangya, Yang Zhenning (Chen-Ning Franklin Yang), and Ding Zhaozhong (Samuel Chao Chung Ting). In 1999, it was established with the approval of the State Council leaders including Zhu Rongji, Li Lanqing, and Wen Jiabao, as well as the registration by the Ministry of Civil Affairs and the approval of the People's Bank of China. The foundation, under the supervision of the Ministry of Science and Technology, is a nationwide public fundraising foundation.

The purpose of ISEFC is to promote the spirit of science and uphold the mission of public welfare. Its mission is to facilitate scientific exchange and cooperation at home and abroad, promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, and recognize exceptional contributors. Currently, ISEFC boasts a team of over 120 academicians, 385 distinguished engineers, and 329 expert consultants in the fields of science, technology, culture, and the arts. It organizes the most influential comprehensive award in the field of engineering and technology in China, known as the "Distinguished Engineer Award."

As a nationwide public welfare organization, ISEFC has long been committed to promoting global scientific and technological exchanges, the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, and the popularization of scientific knowledge. Through public welfare initiatives, it collaborates with partners globally to jointly advance scientific and technological progress, independent innovation, and talent development, thus actively contributing to the construction of a better world.