Since its inception, the International Science Exchange Foundation of China (ISEFC) has garnered the attention and support of regulatory authorities, leaders at all levels, scientists, as well as enterprises and institutions passionate about scientific advancement.  This support has ensured the continuous growth and development of the Foundation's various initiatives.

For over a decade, ISEFC havs adhered to the overarching principles of "facilitating domestic and international technological exchange, advancing the commercialization of high-tech achievements, and rewarding exceptional contributors." Through this tripartite mission, we have been actively involved in promoting scientific and technological advancement, the commercialization of research outcomes, the growth of technological professionals, and the dissemination of scientific knowledge. As China's economy, society, and technological endeavors progress, it is imperative that the Foundation plays a more significant role.  We are committed to tirelessly working towards this end, using technological philanthropy to propel the nation's scientific and technological advancement, making our due contribution to the establishment of an innovative nation.

Sincerely thank you all for your continuous support to the Koji Association, and we earnestly ask for your continued care and assistance in our endeavors.