On September 8, 2011, the International Science Exchange Foundation of China officially established an expert committee, inviting a group of academicians and expert groups representing the highest scientific and technological level at home and abroad to establish an expert committee. With a new identity, a large-scale team form, and a distinct public welfare approach, the committee conducts scientific and technological consulting and services, actively promoting independent innovation, economic development, and scientific and technological progress of enterprises.

The Expert Committee of the Science Foundation closely integrates with the urgent issues that need to be solved in the global economic and social development process to carry out high-end strategic consulting, providing reference basis for major decisions; Consulting based on the scientific and technological challenges faced by economic development and enterprise technological progress, providing services for enterprises to improve their independent innovation capabilities and promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements.


Honorary Director:

Xu Guanhua (Academician of CAE Member)



Wu Hequan (Academician of CAE Member)


Deputy Director:

Gan Yong (Academician of CAE Member)

Hao Jiming (Academician of CAE Member)

Ma Yongsheng (Academician of CAE Member)

Cheng Jing(Academician of CAE Member)

Ma Guoxin (Academician of CAE Member)

Chen YuChuan (Academician of CAE Member)

Zhao Chunjiang (Academician of CAE Member)

Lu Bingheng (Academician of CAE Member)