On October 16, 2014, the first Distinguished Engineer Award winners held a symposium, focusing on how the Distinguished Engineer Award winners can leverage the strengths and specialties of this group of outstanding engineers to contribute to the development and progress of science and technology in China and the world. A consensus was ultimately reached, and the "Distinguished Engineer Expert Committee" was established through a vote of all award-winning outstanding engineers.

The Expert Committee for Outstanding Engineers is a technology public welfare service organization voluntarily formed by winners of previous Distinguished Engineer Awards. Its aim is to build a public welfare exchange platform in the field of science, engineering, and technology, promote the outstanding role and contribution of engineers in social construction, establish the spirit of "responsibility, innovation, and collaboration" among engineers, gather the wisdom of outstanding engineers, and promote scientific and technological development and economic construction.


Director :

Lu Jun (Academician of CAE Member)

Deputy Director:

Mao Xinping (Academician of CAE Member)

Liu He (Academician of CAE Member)

Shan Zhongde (Academician of CAE Member)

Peng Shou (Academician of CAE Member)

Wang Donlin

Wang Yushuang

Zhang Fuming

Qi Hegang

Wang Shaopeng

Wang Ruijun

Wang Binwen

Li Haisheng

Li Jianjun