On November 28, 2017, the  International Science Exchange Foundation of China (isefc) officially established the Science and Arts Committee, with Mr. Li Zhengdao(Tsung-Dao Lee), a Nobel laureate in physics and renowned scientist, serving as honorary chairman.

The Science and Arts Committee will take cultural and technological integration, scientific and artistic innovation as its major mission and task, and adhere to the principles of innovation leading, promoting integration, market traction, model innovation, resource integration, and overall planning to promote the cultivation and development of global emerging cultural and technological industries, as well as scientific and artistic integration. Carry out the construction of an environment for cultural and technological innovation and the integration of science and art, cultivate innovation centers for science and art innovation, and the integration of culture and technology, and cultivate leading figures and composite innovative high-end talents.


Honorary Chairman

Li Zhengdao (Tsung-Dao Lee , Nobel laureates in physics)


Executive Chairman

Ouyang Ziyuan (Academician of CAS)