On October 24, 2021, the CCF "Chinese Engineer Culture Day" was held in Beijing, attracting nearly 400 engineering professionals to actively participate.Chen Xi, the Chairman of ISEFC, attended the event's kick-off ceremony and expressed her best wishes for a successful conference. 


The Secretary-General of the China Computer Society, Tang Weiqing, delivered a speech titled "Engineers Marching towards the Stage of the Times" as the organizer for the Chinese Engineer Culture Day. Meanwhile, the President of the World Federation of Engineering Organizations, Gong Ke, delivered a video message titled "Some Simple Thoughts on Engineer Culture" for the conference.

Wang Yushuang, Deputy Director of the Distinguished Engineer Expert Committee of ISEFC, delivered a keynote speech titled "The Distinguished Engineer Award and the Spirit of Chinese Engineers" based on her personal experiences and insights. He elaborated on the origins of the "Distinguished Engineer Award" and the significance of "responsibility," "innovation," and "collaboration" embodying the "Spirit of Chinese Engineers."

In her keynote address titled "Engineer Culture and Growth Mechanisms," Wu Hua, distinguished engineer, chairman of the CCF TF, and chairman of the Baidu Technical Committee, proposed that the values of an engineer culture should be pragmatic, self-driven, and responsible. The culture and competencies of engineers are reflections of a company's cultural and technological capabilities, and the cultivation of engineers is a systematic endeavor.

In the keynote speech, Founder of Cyber Yingjie, Tan Xiaosheng, CTO of Huawei Cloud, Xiao Yi, Vice President of JD.com Group and President of JD.com Artificial Intelligence Research Institute, Zhou Bowen, Secretary-General of Xiaomi Group's Technology Committee, Wang Fei, CTO of Zhihu, Li Dahai, CEO of Star Charging's Cloud Business, Wang Di, Dean of Intel China Research Institute, Song Jiqiang, CEO of Fangyun Smart, Yu Ren, and General Manager of VMware China R&D Center, Ren Daoyuan, among others, shared their specific cases of engineering culture and provided a systematic summary of the construction of engineer culture.

The report delivered by the conference speaker garnered widespread acclaim and endorsement from the attendees.

While Wu Tingpeng, CTO of ZhuanZhuan, Huang Dongxu, co-founder and CTO of PingCAP, Fei Lianghong, Chief Architect at Amazon Cloud Technologies, Zhang Nan, Director of Engineering Productivity at Google, and Lu Jianwei, Vice President of UFSoft and President of UFSoft Research, used their engineer's humor but genuine feelings to interpret engineers' affection for the industry and their commitment to their work in a talk show style.

Participants expressed their appreciation for the conference, highlighting how the event fostered cultural exchange among the engineer community. They shared that sharing best practices from their work had a positive impact on the businesses represented at the conference, imbuing them with an engineer-centric ethos. There was a strong desire for the nation to establish influential "Engineer Days" akin to those celebrated on "Teacher's Day," "Nurse's Day," and "Youth Day," to glorify and promote the spirit of Chinese engineers.