On February 11, 2023, ISEFC convened the fifth session of the "Distinguished Engineer Award" committee to review the candidates for the fifth edition of the "Distinguished Engineer Award." The primary objective of the "Distinguished Engineer Award" is to recognize and reward engineering professionals who have made significant contributions on the front lines of national production and construction. After many years of experimentation and exploration, the "Distinguished Engineer Award" has become one of the most inclusive and authoritative awards for engineering professionals in existence.

The conference was chaired by Wu Hequan, CAE Member and former Vice President of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, as well as Deputy Director of the "Distinguished Engineer Award" Committee. In attendance were: Ma Yongsheng, CAE Member, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Sinopec, as well as Director of the "Distinguished Engineer Award" Review Committee; Zhu Gaofeng, CAE Member, former Vice President of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, and former Minister of the Ministry of Post and Telecommunications; Zhao Qinping, CAE Member, former Deputy Minister of Education; Chen Xi, Chairman of ISEFC; and Chen Shoushuang, Director of the Northern Public Affairs Center of Tencent Group.

The selection process for the Fifth Distinguished Engineer Award was initiated on April 15, 2022, and involved various stages such as recommendation, formal review, preliminary evaluation, final appraisal, public announcement, and approval by the award committee. Over 70 industry associations, professional societies, universities, enterprises, and public institutions, 130 academicians, and 42 previous recipients of the Distinguished Engineer Award participated in the recommendation process, with over 1,200 individuals submitting applications.

During the recommendation phase, after multiple levels of screening across various units, a total of 478 engineer candidates were submitted. The preliminary evaluation was conducted in nine fields and ten groups, inviting a total of 86 review experts, among which 43 are academicians. In the final evaluation phase, a review committee consisting of expert group leaders from various fields comprehensively balanced the candidates based on their performance. After thorough discussion and assessment, a list of nominees was proposed.

Candidates for this year's "Distinguished Engineer Award" span renowned experts and leading figures from various industries, boasting exceptional achievements in technological innovation and application, and engaging in intense competition. Preliminary statistics indicate that the 40 nominees for the "Distinguished Engineer Award" have collectively been honored with 73 national awards for technological advancement and inventions, holding over 1,024 invention patents; the 30 nominees for the "Young Distinguished Engineer Award" have been recognized with 18 national awards for technological advancement and inventions, holding over 644 authorized invention patents and international patents.

At the conference, members of the reward committee fully recognized the distinguished achievements made since the inception of the "Distinguished Engineer Award" over the past five years. By recognizing outstanding engineering and scientific personnel, it has played an important role in stimulating the innovative vitality of engineering and scientific personnel in the production and construction sectors of our country. Furthermore, committee members also hope that the science foundation will continue to actively and prudently carry out the reward work, ensuring that the awards are fair and impartial, creating a positive selection environment, and making the "Distinguished Engineer Award" a benchmarking brand in this field.

Exploring the unknown is a never-dying dream and mission for humanity. There has always been a succession of engineers and technicians who, like waves, advance with unstoppable momentum in the rapids of scientific exploration. They face challenges as if it were everyday life, and consider overcoming difficulties as their duty. They integrate their personal ideals into national development, gathering a tremendous force to realize the Chinese Dream of national rejuvenation. The path of one is not lonely; there must be companions. Only by making more engineers visible can we encourage more people to become the backbone of the nation. Only then will the spirit of engineers forever shine under the stars, and continue to write new chapters in its legacy.