On November 6, 2023, the International Hanwang Forum was held in Penang, Malaysia. The theme of the forum was "Global Civilization, Green Industry and Sustainable Development Future Ecological Community", exploring the hottest ESG (Environmental, Social Responsibility, Corporate Governance) issues and the future lifestyle of human beings.Chen Xi, Chairman of the China International Science Exchange Foundation, Lin Caixian, Chairman of the Preparatory Committee of the Penang Hanwang Forum, Liu Wei, President of the Sustainable Development Professional Committee of the Beijing International Exchange Association, Wang Xiaodong, Executive Secretary-General of the China International Science Exchange Foundation, and Fang Meilai, representative of the Penang State Government and other experts and scholars attended the event and delivered keynote speeches.

The Hanwang Forum aims to integrate and gather elites and big names from all walks of life in the world, gather the power to break the current situation, find answers to current spatial and temporal problems, jointly build a community of human destiny, explore the future path of sustainable development, and build a rational framework for the forum content from six major sectors: international, economic, social, cultural, ecological, and scientific. It will set up a bridge for scholars, young people and entrepreneurs from different professional and cultural backgrounds to cross-border communicate and create ideas, so that the power of action can flow into every page of sustainable development.

Chairman Chen Xi stated in his speech that the "Hanwang Forum" has engaged in extensive exchanges and discussions around themes such as "global disaster prevention, relief, and sustainable development", and has developed an effective "Hanwang 7+1 Action Plan". The forum has become one of the most important activities supported by the foundation. This year marks the tenth anniversary of China's "the Belt and Road" initiative. In order to actively promote the construction of a "community with a shared future for mankind", we hope to give full play to the collective wisdom of the Foundation's outstanding engineers, actively participate in the infrastructure construction of the "the Belt and Road" countries, carry out extensive cooperation in energy and environmental protection, information and communication, water resource management, education and training, and jointly promote the sustainable development of global green industries, and promote science, technology Make due contributions to economic progress. She also called for a comprehensive strengthening of understanding and communication among countries around the world in the face of the severe challenges posed by global sustainable development. Through broader international exchanges and cooperation, we can work together to address the common challenges of humanity and achieve harmonious coexistence and development of civilizations around the world.

It is reported that the Beijing International Exchange Association Sustainable Development Professional Committee, the organizer of the event, has held more than 60 international activities and dialogues on sustainable issues since its establishment in 2005, adhering to the folk power to respond to the national call and promoting the development of sustainable undertakings. The previous Hanwang Forum series activities have covered 14 countries in Asia, Europe, Africa and Central America, with thousands of royal family members, government leaders, experts and scholars, entrepreneurs from home and abroad participating in previous forums, and tens of thousands of guests attending the exchange dialogues.